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Services - Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Customs and security initiatives have imposed new regulations on companies that make it more challenging than ever to trade internationally. It also needs to be established each time goods are exported or imported that they are not in contravention of licensing or export/import controls and that duties and taxes, where necessary, are paid.

We at Euronox can be trusted to manage your customs brokerage competently, be it exports or imports , by sea or by air.

• We gather all necessary information and documentation from the shipper, carrier and importer.
• Review the paperwork.
• Contact the importer or shipper to obtain any missing information or clarify inaccuracies.
• We focus on compliance which helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations.
• Our dedicated customer service program helps you in understanding the tariff codes, duty structure, rebates etc. that are in line with customs requirements.
• Our document handling provides easy archiving and retrieval of important customs brokerage documents.
Our customs brokers produce compliant entries time after time for you, moving your shipments through customs efficiently and minimizing delays; thereby helping you to enhance your customer perception and gain a competitive advantage as you consistently meet not just your schedules but also your promises.

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